Vol 11 No.1

Patching: A Requirement for Complete Software Testing

ABSTRACT If any of the essentials for software testing (test strategy, testing plan, test cases, and test environment) is missing or inadequate, testing effort is most likely to fall short of what could have otherwise been achieved. Every product release in today’s time shall meet a desired level of quality, and release processes undergo continual fine-tuning. One such aspect of this tuning comes from the concept of patching. Patching helps in no roll back policy for the broken or distorted releases and thus lays a helping hand in monitoring the quality of software. These software update ideology has undoubtedly helped in effectively improving usability and performance for software system. With this concept come two groups; tester and user who detect the defect (if any) in the software while it is in the operational stage. Inculcating this varied aspect, we propose an approach based on differing performance of tester and users during pre and post release of the software. The model has been validated on software failure data sets.

Adarsh Anand
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Ompal Singh
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Subhrata Das
  • Organization : Department of Operational Research.University of Delhi, India
  • Email : shus.das@gmail.com
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