Vol 6 No.1

Proposed Method for Computing Interprocedure Slicing

ABSTRACT Program slicing was originally introduced by Mark Weiser, is useful in program debugging, automatic parallelization, software maintenance, program integration etc. It is a method for automatically decomposing programs by analyzing their data flow and control flow reduces the program to a minimal form called “slice” which still produces that behavior. Interprocedure slicing is the slicing of multiprocedure program .In this paper a new method or algorithm (IP algorithm) is introduced for the interprocedure static slicing of structured programs. The most time consuming part of the interprocedure slicing methods is the computation of transitive dependences (i.e. summary edges) due to the procedure calls. Horowitz et al. [8] introduced an algorithm based on attribute grammar for computing summary edges. Reps et al. [7] and Istavan [9] defined an improved algorithm for computing summary edges representing interprocedural dependences at procedure calls. Here in this paper we discuss the improved interprocedure slicing algorithm (IP) algorithm, which is faster than previous algorithm and takes less memory space.

Dr. K.S. Patnaik
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Lipika Jha
  • Organization : Department of Computer Science and engineering, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi(India)
  • Email : lipika@bitmesra.ac.in
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