Vol 7 No.2

Role of Quality Source Code Documentation in Software Testing

ABSTRACT Software testing is performed to validate that software under test meets all requirements. With the increase in software developing platforms, developers may commit those errors, which, if not tested with appropriate test cases, may lead to false confidence in software testing. In this paper, we proposed that building quality source code documentation can help in predicting such errors. To validate this proposal, we performed an initial study and found that if software is well documented, a tester may predict the possible set of errors that developers may commit, and hence, may select better test cases that target those faults. From this study, it has been observed that proper code documentation can help in selecting appropriate test cases from candidate test cases and can lead to more effective software testing.

Arvind Kalia
  • Organization : Department of Computer Science.Himachal Pradesh University (India)
  • Email : arvkalia@gmail.com
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Prem Parashar
  • Organization : Faculty of Applied Science and Technology .Sheridan College (Canada); Computer Science Department,Himachal Pradesh University (India)
  • Email : prem.parashar@gmail.com
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Rajesh Bhatia
  • Organization : Department of Computer Science.PEC University of Technology (India), Computer Science Department, Deen Bandhu Chotu Ram University(India)
  • Email : rbhatiapatiala@gmail.com
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