Vol 8 No.2

The Adapted V-Model: A Practical Approach to Agile Testing

ABSTRACT Agile methods largely remove the distinction between phases and roles with no predefined order of activities. Some agile approaches such as Test-Driven Development (TDD) switch the traditional order of coding and testing and largely remove the boundary between the two implying that testing is becoming more a technical responsibility of the developers! Testers are complaining of loss of identity and scope within agile teams. In parallel some modern non-agile testing approaches such as Risk-based testing also open the boundaries between testing and analysis and suggest more involvement of testers in business and system analysis and sometimes system architecture. This article devises an adapted version of the V-Model for Scrum and suggests a practical approach that aligns the modern testing approaches with agile methodolgies. Scrum will be taken as a representative for Agile. The proposed approach is developed based on the Testing Process Improvement Guide (TPIG) developed by the Software Engineering Competence Center.

Yasser Ghanim
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