Vol 5 No.2

How Time-Fault Ratio helps in Test Case Prioritization for Regression Testing

ABSTRACT Regression testing analyzes whether the maintenance of the software has adversely affected its normal functioning. Regression testing is generally performed under the strict time constraints. Due to limited time budget, it is not possible to test the software with all available test cases. Thus, the reordering of the test cases, on the basis of their effectiveness, is always needed. A test prioritization technique, which prioritizes the test cases on the basis of their Time -Fault Ratio (TFR), has been proposed in this paper. The technique tends to maximize the fault detection as the faults are exposed in the ascending order of their detection times. The proposed technique may be used at any stage of software development.

Arvind Kalia
  • Organization : Department of Computer Science.Himachal Pradesh University (India)
  • Email : arvkalia@gmail.com
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Prem Parashar
  • Organization : Faculty of Applied Science and Technology .Sheridan College (Canada); Computer Science Department,Himachal Pradesh University (India)
  • Email : prem.parashar@gmail.com
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Rajesh Bhatia
  • Organization : Department of Computer Science.PEC University of Technology (India), Computer Science Department, Deen Bandhu Chotu Ram University(India)
  • Email : rbhatiapatiala@gmail.com
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