Vol 7 No.2

Investigating the Practical Impact of Agile Practices on the Quality of Software Projects in Continuous Delivery

ABSTRACTVarious factors affect the impact of agile factors on the continuous delivery of software projects. This is a major reason why projects perform differently- some failing and some succeeding- when they implement some agile practices in various environments. This is not helped by the fact that many projects work within limited budget while project plans also change-- making them to fall into some sort of pressure to meet deadline when they fall behind in their planned work. This study investigates the impact of pair programming, customer involvement, QA Ability, pair testing and test driven development in the pre-release and post -release quality of software projects using system dynamics within a schedule pressure blighted environment.The model is validated using results from a completed medium-sized software. Statistical results suggest that the impact of PP is insignificant on the pre-release quality of the software while TDD and customer involvement both have significant effects on the pre-release quality of software. Results also showed that both PT and QA ability had a significant impact on the post-release quality of the software.

Mark Dixon
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Muthu Ramachandran
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Olumide Akerele
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